There was a significant out-pouring of gastro-lust to my social media post about finishing our early tatties and moving onto the main crop. It was actually the picture of tattie salad that got the lips smacking so here’s the recipe and do remember that you can add much more to the salad if you wish – see my Top Tips.

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Simply garnished with paprika

You don’t need quantities for this – just do it!

• Potatoes, as fresh and local as possible

• Mayonnaise

• Natural yogurt

• Gherkins

• Finely chopped shallot (optional)

• Parsley, paprika or wild garlic to garnish

Chopped wild garlic leaves go into the salad, the chopped stalks and flowers make great garnish

1. Rub the potatoes or peel them, depending on how freshly dug they are, then cut them into 1-2cm dice.

2. Cook in boiling water for 10 minutes or until tender.

3. Mix equal quantities of mayo and yogurt together in a bowl and season.

4. Drain the potatoes then add them hot to the dressing. Toss well and leave to cool.

5. Slice or dice the gherkins, finely slice the shallot, quartered, and finely chop the parsley. Add them to the cooled salad, season again and toss together before serving. The potatoes will absorb more dressing as they cool.

Top Tips:

• This potato salad is delicious with almost anything: cold cuts, BBQ’d chops or sausages, fillets of pan fried fish or smoked fish – try it with Jolly’s smoked mackerel and Hulme’s smoked mussels.

• Try adding chopped hard boiled egg, blanched cauliflower, chopped anchovies or even teaspoonfuls of avocado to the cooled salad.

• When wild garlic is in season it is Delicious in Tattie Salad.

• There are those who are in the vinaigrette tribe for tattie salad and those who, like me, opt for mayo. However, adding some yogurt makes the mixture much lighter.

• Read more about Tatties in Orkney from a blog for

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