Serves 4-6

Elderflower cordial is used to flavour this light, refreshing low-fat ice cream. Making it in an ice-cream machine achieves a really creamy consistency for what is really almost a sorbet. You’ll need to stir it frequently by hand to avoid large ice crystals forming if freezing it without a machine. Low fat is good news – not having to top and tail the berries is even better! Allow 20 minutes to soften at room temperature before scooping.

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An easy to make, early summer ice cream

• 500g gooseberries

• 3 large egg whites

• 100ml elderflower cordial

• 100g caster sugar

• 150ml double cream

1. Cook the gooseberries slowly in a covered pan with 50ml water until they are soft and starting to split. Press through a sieve and measure the purée – you should have about 400ml. Top up with water if necessary. Leave to cool completely then chill.

2. Whisk the egg whites until light and frothy, then add the cold purée and all the remaining ingredients and combine them with a wire whisk. Turn into an ice cream maker and freeze-churn until ready, or freeze in a suitable container, stirring frequently. The ice cream can be served straight from the ice cream maker or hardened in the freezer.

Top Tips:

• Ice cream makers are fabulous but they have hugely different price tags. The ones where you freeze the bowl before use take up a lot of freezer space and take away any spontaneity in ice cream making. Those with a compressor are heavy and cost a lot of money. Buy the best you can.

• I have a cupboard in a corner of my kitchen on the worktop with a sliding shelf hidden behind the door. I keep my Kenwood Chef and my ice cream maker there and they just roll out when I want to use them. There are plug sockets in the cupboard so they are always switched on. It was a stipulation to the designer when we had a new kitchen but was left to the fitter to actually come up with a workable idea…

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