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We’ve been eating scallops almost every week during Lockdown thanks to our local shellfish man delivering to locals while the hospitality industry is closed. What treats! For lots of ideas on cooking some of Orkney’s finest produce check out my Island Life blog, but this has to be one of the simplest of my ideas to date.

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Gingered scallops with mashed sweet potato and spiced cauliflower

• 5-6cm piece root ginger

• Pinch of chilli powder

• 10 scallops

• Oil and butter for frying

1. Check the ginger has no mud or soil on it and wash if necessary. Grate it coarsely, skin on, then gather the strands in your fist and squeeze out the juice onto a plate large enough to take all 10 scallops. Stir a small pinch of chilli powder into the juice then add the scallops. Spoon some of the juice over them, sprinkle with a little more chilli, then leave to marinate for at least 20 minutes, turning once. If you can leave the scallops for 3-4 hours the flavour of the ginger will be much stronger.

2. Cook the scallops in the usual way in a little oil and butter, allowing about 1 1/2 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the second. Add any remaining juices from the plate to the pan when you turn the scallops over. As the scallops will be moist on the surface when you add them to the pan they may not brown quite as much as usual.

Top Tips:

1. If your ginger is not very juicy use a little more.

2. I used Pul Biber, a fruity and aromatic Turkish chilli powder for this. It is quite widely available now, but you could use any chilli powder, or just enjoy the ginger by itself.

3. If you don’t like chilli you could add a little soy or fish sauce to the ginger.

4. The flavour of coconut oil would be good with these scallops so try using that in place of olive oil and butter.

5. I served this with sweet potato mash and some spiced cauliflower, but it would be lovely with any green veg and mash or rice.

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