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The perfect snack, so why don’t we all eat this more often? Maybe tomatoes on toast is just perceived as too old fashioned? Of course you don’t need a recipe, you just need to toast some bread on one side, turn, add sliced tomatoes and then grill/toast again. However, toast your tomatoes on some sourdough and top with pesto and then the same basic idea becomes much more contemporary.

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Sourdough, grilled tomatoes and pesto, a different take on my original recipe.

• 2 large tomatoes

• 1 spring onion

• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

• 1 thick slice of bread

• Basil to garnish, if you wish

1. Slice the tomatoes thickly and the onion thinly. Layer in a bowl, season and spoon the oil over. Leave for a few minutes.

2. Toast the bread on one side, then turn and pile the tomatoes on top, keeping most of the spring onions in the bowl with the oil. Cook under a medium grill until the tomatoes are starting to char slightly. Serve the tomatoes on toast with the oil and onions spooned over.

The original idea, much enjoyed for many years.

Top Tips:

• This is great for breakfast as well as later in the day, but maybe leave out the spring onion and any pesto topping?!

• Try to cover the edges of the toast with tomato slices to prevent the toast from burning.

• Of course you can added some grated cheese but it does rather inhibit the flavour of the tomatoes, which is what this snack is all about.

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