I was a most enthusiastic member of the Brighton Youth Orchestra. I played the trumpet – I still do although my red plastic trombone is now my first musical love – and the BYO was my introduction to travel. We toured in Europe and my first overseas visit was to the west coast of Canada where we had workshops with both the Vancouver and Calgary youth orchestras.

Sending me on the trips was a struggle for my parents and I had to do extra hours at the ironmonger where I had a Saturday and holiday job to at least earn my pocket money. Moving to Orkney and getting involved with Pat & Billy’s traditional music group introduced me to their grand-daughter, a keen student at the Just Dance Studio. They, virus permitting, will be heading off to London at Easter for classes at the Pineapple Dance Studios and many other exciting visits. Leaving Orkney for London is just as thrilling as setting off from Brighton to Vancouver!

The best way for me to help with the fund-raising is a cookery demonstration and so, if you can, please come along on Friday 13th (what could possibly go wrong?!) March to King Street Halls. It will be all about new ideas, with lots of hints and tips for adding a fresh touch to your cooking.

Tickets are available at the Studio on Hatston and also from Kirkness & Gorie, the wonderful deli on Broad Street. Owner Duncan’s daughter had very enjoyable trips to London with Just Dance years ago and so he is very pleased to have tickets to sell for this fund-raiser.

Hoping to see you there.